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Vibration System Force Rating from 4,000 kgf to 16,000 kgf

Ideal for screening of medium sized assemblies with extreme high acceleration test level and high frequency range.

The “I” Series exceeds typical vibration test requirements of other medium to large sized electronic assemblies, automotive parts, aviation and avionics parts.

The “I” Series is designed to meet military and international test standards including MIL, ASTM, IEC, ISO, BS and JIS. The Extreme Acceleration Shaker Y-Ring (EAS-Y Ring) armature is a revolutionary design which will allow for using a proportioned head expander to test multiple specimens simultaneously at extreme high acceleration level. Other test requirements including transportation vibration simulation combined vibration-climatic test and seismic simulations for small size components can easily be fulfilled by the ETS “I” Series.

Ets Solutions Shaker I SERIES
SYSTEM MODEL IPA120H / I537M IPA180H / I537M IPA240H / I1045M IPA300H / I1045M IPA360H / I1859A
Sine Force 4,000 kgf 5,000 kgf 8,000 kgf 10,000 kgf 16,000 kgf
Random Force 4,000 kgf 5,000 kgf 8,000 kgf 10,000 kgf 16,000 kgf
Shock Force (½ Sine) 10,000 kgf 12,500 kgf 20,000 kgf 20,000 kgf 40,000 kgf
Usable Frequency Range DC ~ 2,500 Hz (Opt 2,800Hz) 5 ~ 2,500 Hz 5 ~ 2,000 Hz 5 ~ 2,000 Hz 5 ~ 2,000 Hz
Continuous / Shock Displacement(1) 51mm / 76mm 51mm / 76mm 51mm / 76mm 51mm / 76mm 51mm / 65mm
Max. Velocity (Sine) 2.0 m/s / 3.5 m/s 2.0 m/s / 3.5 m/s 2.0 m/s / 3.5 m/s 2.0 m/s / 3.5 m/s 2.0 m/s / 3.5 m/s
Max. Acceleration (Sine) 1,275 m/s² / 981 m/s² 1,275 m/s² / 981 m/s² 1,275 m/s² / 981 m/s² 1,275 m/s² / 981 m/s² 1,177 m/s² / 981 m/s²



• Specimen payload up to 1,200 kg • Excellent random performance meeting ISO standard with 3 sigma peak current rating
• Armature diameters range from 370 mm to 590 mm
• Up to 51 mm continuous displacement
• Test frequency up to 2,800 Hz


• Light weight solid armature for high acceleration performance
• (No Multiple Windings)
• Rugged trunnion design with bearing guidance
• Air load support for armature centering
• Air bag isolator built-in reducing dynamic floor stress


• Integrated with new Intelligent Power Amplifier
• New design with High Speed IGBT technology
• Compact sized power module with large output
• High modulation switching frequency
• High signal to noise ratio
• Dynamic fault current error control protection
• Complete digital control


• Dynamic and static armature centering available
• Geared aided rotation built-in for uni-base slip table
• Rotary worm-gear built-in for uni-base slip table
• Thermal barrier for combined climatic chamber test available
• Remote control capabilities available


• Simple system operation
• Intelligent PLC control and monitoring system
• High energy conversion efficiency (greater than 90%)
• Reasonably priced optimal performance system for major test standards
• Compact shaker and amplifier size saving valuable floor space
• Compatible with any vibration controller
• Remote control panel via Ethernet cable connections
• Low profile body design ready for chamber integration
• Integration with unibase or standalone slip table
• Shaker water cooled by water cooling system for continuous long period operation
• Air cooled amplifier power electronics for safe and reliable operation
• Ethernet port available for data exchange
• All-encompassing fuse protection design for high current system components
• Detailed scope of system interlock protections
• Complies with USA, European and international safety and EMC regulations
• Simple initial self-system setup
• Interactive diagnostic “System Status” on touch screen
• Easy maintenance and rapid servicing
• Worldwide spare parts support