ETS Solutions offers options of unibase or standalone slip table to meet different requirements for horizontal test.

The unibase is built-in with the vertical shaker body by common steel base platform. The standalone slip table is customized design with an independent steel base platform to match with any new or existing shaker.

Ets Solutions Slip Tables

The unibase design is optimized solution for horizontal vibration testing. The common base reinforces assembly allow easy and consistent alignment between shaker and the slip table. The low profile concept conveniently fit for environmental testing with chamber.

The standalone design, an independent steel platform supported by the levelling feet. The customized design allows the feasibility of any vertical shaker from ETS or other manufacturers to couple with the standalone slip table assembly.

• Light weight magnesium slip table
• Economical aluminium slip table available
• Low profile reaction mass with total system isolation (less than 5Hz)
• Stiffened and welded steel body design with high mass to force ratios
• Designed for combined environment applications
• Standalone slip table available to interface to any shaker (existing or new)

Ets Solutions Slip Tables

ETS Solutions slip table are designed to provide the optimum test platform for horizontal testing with any shaker combination.

Our unibase concept provides structural steel body to align the shaker and table on a rigid platform. All the slip tables are designed with precise grinded natural granite slab with a selection of guidance bearings to meet different application and budgets. The stiffened and welded body provides good reaction mass and damping. The isolation system reduces vibration transmission to the floor and prevents any interference between lab equipment.

Rotation of shaker body to couple the slip table can be performed quickly and easily by one person using the rotation system. Slip plate alignment with shaker is always ensured with mechanical stops installed.

Slip plates can be provided in almost any size from 300mm square (for small shakers) to 2m square for large sized specimen test. Different types of restraining bearings are available to meet different application requirements and operating budgets.

GT Series Slip Table

BT Series Slip Table

Double Slip Table Unibase

Table in Table Unibase