ETS driver bars provide perfect link between shaker and slip table.

• Magnesium driver bars
• FEM design
• Casting single pieces
• Precision coupling
• Excellent force transmission

Ets Solutions shaker driver bar
Ets Solutions shaker driver bar data

Geared Aided Rotation
Rotation of the shaker body to work with the slip table is achieved by either ratchet crank rotation chain wheel gear reducer. Rotating of the shaker is perform with ease by rotation aid. Mechanical stop is installed to align the shaker with table precisely.

Safety Protection
The Stainless steel guard is installed in front of slip plate. The safety protection prevents any operators from putting their fingers into the oil trough. It will prevent any falling foreign particles or contaminants from falling into the oil trough during the test.

Ets Solutions Geared Aided Rotation Safety Protection

Air Isolations Feet
Optional air isolation feet prevent the vibration from the shaker during operation from transmitting to the floor and building. The need for an seismic base can be eliminated.

Air Caster
The air caster is the load module system which utilizes the air film to float the shaker system. The load movement is easy, exceptionally smooth and omnidirectional.

Levelling Feet
The levelling feet is combined with the outrigger support and adjustable foot. The levelling feet could provide efficient precision mounting and swift screw adjustment. This allows consistent and solid support for the heavy assembly.

Thermal Barriers
Glass fibre thermal insulating sheet is available when the slip table is to be integrated with the chamber for combined vibration-temperature testing.

Electric Rotation Unit
The electric rotation unit enables easier reconfiguration for switching shaker test axis.

Noise Enclosure
Acoustic enclosure to reduce the noise of the cooling blower in installations where the blower cannot be located outside the working area.

Ets Solutions Air Isolations Feet, Air Caster, Levelling Feet, Thermal Barriers, Electric Rotation Unit, Noise Enclosure